Yana Dashevsky is a strategic intervention coach and youth mentor.

Welcome to Mana Development Coaching

My name is Yana and I am so grateful you are here. Finding the right coach is the beginning of an amazing journey to turn your greatest potential into a living reality.  Book a free clarity session with me to discover how I can be of service to you. In this session we will discuss your specific goals and desires. At the end of this consultation you will have great clarity about yourself and discover how working with me will elevate you to achieve your dreams! 

How May I serve You?

Youth Coaching

My greatest passion is working with children and young adults. I specialize in nurturing your most precious relationships, specifically with your kids, teens and young adults. I will work directly with your kids to lead them on a journey of self-discovery. Together we will strengthen their positive behaviors and set them up for a successful life that's unique to their personality, needs and desires. If you are a parent, teacher or caretaker looking to unleash the greatest potential in your childrens lives, this coaching format was created for you!  

Corporate Coaching

From leading mindfulness training in group settings to working one-on-one with employees and CEO's, I will dedicate myself to making your business life both successful, and enjoyable. Discover how you can unleash your fullest potential and stay in the "flow" especially during the busiest days on the job. 

Live Your Dreams

Discover your destiny.  Understanding how to utilize my gifts and talents led me to my dream job, becoming a life coach! Now I want to share this gift with as many people as possible. Together we will uncover your innate superpowers to create the life of your dreams! You will embark on a path that allows every area of your life to flourish! 


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