Discover your Mana

A Personal Development Workshop - Maui, HI

What is my life purpose? How can I turn my dreams and desires into a tangible reality? How do I manifest the life of my dreams? 

If you've ever asked yourself these powerful questions, this workshop is for you! 

We are are here in this human experience to embrace and offer our unique gifts to the collective. Give yourself the gift of discovery. Understanding yourself is the first first step to manifesting the life of your dreams. Through meditation and mindfulness you will begin to see your future unfold before you. 

From here, you will learn how to manifest the life of your dreams by analyzing various areas of your life including your career and relationships. You will understand the power of beliefs and how your beliefs drive your actions. At the end of this workshop you will gain a powerful sense of clarity about your future and what actions you can take today to bring your visions into a tangible reality. 

Join Us February 2020

Sunday February 2nd 11am - 1pm

Location is a beautiful upcountry farm on 

Oma'opio Road. 

This Workshop is being offered for free. 

Donations Accepted. 

Seating is limited to 15 spots to create an intimate environment and leave room for discussion. 

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